Feel good products with an honest story

Kenkô in Japanese means “healthy”. Kenkô is an online multi brand store where you can easily and quickly buy all your favorite feel good products in one place. From vegan lipsticks in fresh colors to herbal teas in grafically designed packages. With “feel good products” we refer to products without damaging supplements which are made with love for human, animal and nature.

These days, people live more conscious and the offer of natural products is higher than ever before. With the growing offer, the confusion around the products grows as well. Which supplements does your favorite product contain, in what way are these products made and what is the effect to your body when using the products?

Kenkô approved
We select products which are made with love for humans, animals and nature and without any damaging supplements. We sell natural products of which most are vegan as well. For the selection process of the products we have created four criteria points. This means you won’t have to look any further. The ingredients are carefully being researched and we test the products ourselves. Besides this, it is important to us that the products look incredible too. Because of their natural look, they deserve a great spot in your interior!

“After being sick for a period of time, I started looking for products which were able to support my overal wellbeing. This started with nutrition, but soon expanded to natural care. There were several natural products on the market already, but most looked rather old fashioned. I was looking for products of which the whole story was appealing: not just the ingredients of which it consists of, but also the production process and the looks. I often miss an authentic story behind the products which led to the idea of creating my own platform”

Honest story
For Kenkô its important to share the story behind the products and to be a 100% transparant. With being transparent we refer not only to the ingredients, but also to the effect and the origin of the products. We work together with experts to make sure the products we sell increases your health and happiness. Most important is the love for humans, animals and nature.

Kenkô criteria

  • Ingredient check: caring ingredients without damaging supplements and unnecessary “marketing” ingredients. The product information, including the INCI ingredients list, has to be correct and complete.
  • Transparant production process: the products are made with love for humans, animals and nature.
  • Use: the product is effective and delivers
  • Packaging: the packaging is appealing but as sustainable as possible. Every Kenkô package is being wrapped with love and sprayed with our favourite aura spray.


With love,