Kenkô strives for more sustainability in the world. This is reflected, among other things, in our products. However, there is more we do. Together with the MommaLuv foundation, Kenkô helps mothers and children in developing countries to have a better start. 

By activating your code you can contribute as well. When using the code, you immediately donate a part of your Kenkô sales to a mother in a developing country.

You might question why you have to activate a code before a donation is made? Simply because we would like every donation to be made consciously as well as for you and other Kenkô mothers to really feel the impact of that one precious moment.

Once we have reached a 100 donations, you will receive an e-mail in which you are personally thanked by the mother you helped. Because we know how great it feels to help someone, we know it has a huge impact on a better world as well. Makes sense, right?

Leave your name and email here so that we can keep you informed of your personal donation!