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Kenkô is derived from the Japanese word for health. The Japanese culture, way of life, and approach to nature is a source of inspiration for me.

When I was pregnant and after I had my son, I realized that life is not temporary; it’s all about the legacy we leave behind for the next generation.

The idea for a care line arose during my pregnancy – a period that further fuelled my mindset about sustainable and honest products.

I felt compelled to develop a skincare brand that cherishes the valuable moments surrounding the birth of a child. I wanted to develop a line for mothers and babies that uses the same fragrance notes to strengthen the relationship between mother and child. We have been working on this collection with a lot of love and passion for the past two years.

We translated the intuitive recognition between mother and child into a skincare line in which the formulation and fragrances are closely linked in order to further strengthen the special, intimate bond between mother and baby.