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Together with Mama’en by Nina Pierson, we are now launching the mama-fragrance Hugs. We captured the essence of motherhood in a delicate fragrance. You can dab a few drops on your skin, spray it around the house and in a (hospital) room where you will soon give birth. And you can certainly use it during those special intimate moments with your child.  Your pregnancy and postnatal period are the time when you slow down. Subtly, Hugs helps you turn your gaze inward and connect with your intuition.

The scent is warm and gentle. It offers you instant relaxation and supports you in your role as a mother. We selected warm notes for this fragrance to evoke the most beautiful, almost magical emotions and associations arising around pregnancy and motherhood. In the midst of it all, Hugs is your daily reminder to never forget yourself, to take care of yourself (as greatly and lovingly as you take care of your baby), and to be proud of the mother and woman you are.

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How and when to use Hugs

How and when to use Hugs

-During your pregnancy for instant relaxation and connection with yourself. For the moments of reflection on the beautiful process called ‘becoming a mother’.
– To create a calming and familiar atmosphere in the room where you are to give birth to your child (either at home or in a hospital).
-During intimate moments with your baby, for example, as a relaxing pillow spray before breastfeeding.
– To walk down the memory lane to the special times of your pregnancy & the first moments with your child.



INCI: Ethanol*, Aqua, Parfum (100% natural), Limonene**, Linalool**
*Made of local wheat (free from denaturants)
**Naturally present in essential oils

The fragrance of Hugs has been specially developed for (pregnant) women. The scent and the percentage of alcohol are dosed as low as possible. To make the spray even milder, we worked with pure alcohol, made from organic wheat. Without added preservatives. The scent is 100% natural, consisting of high quality oils, a large part of which is also organic and of which the origin is known.

How it's made

How it's made

Hugs is warm, subtle and harmonious. It can help you relax, but it can also awaken a special primal energy that makes you feel more powerful. The fragrance notes in Hugs were selected for the emotions, associations, and moods they evoke, as well as their effect on the body and mind. For example, vanilla was chosen for the feeling of security, warmth, and cosiness it evokes. Sandalwood was chosen for its warm, enveloping scent, its relaxing and nourishing properties, and its important role in spiritual traditions.

Nina Pierson, author of Mama’en: “Usually, during pregnancy, birth and the first months thereafter, everyone’s focus is on the baby. While the mother deserves at least as much attention. For me, Hugs is a subtle nod of admiration to all the wonderful women who are experiencing the enormous transformation of motherhood. From a neuroscientific point of view, scents affect our mood. And that’s why I’m very excited about this beautiful relaxing spray that you can take everywhere you go.

Later, when your maternity period is long gone, the fragrance will evoke memories of this relatively brief, magical period of ‘becoming a mother’ and early motherhood.”

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